Fence Feet Limited - More than just a support for temporary fencing

About Us

Hi please let me introduce myself, Richard Layne my company is Fence Feet Ltd.

Temporary Fence Feet with a difference that makes a difference?

I designed a new concept in temporary fencing feet, a range of supports and stabilisation systems that could cope with the rigours of everyday needs on and around construction sites, utility street works and events, problems such as trip hazards, a range of musculoskeletal injuries that present themselves daily to the workers

I didn’t just design them to be a support for your fencing but to do so much more for this we had to have the help of the industry so along with Balfour Beatty and National Grid we all put them to the test.

We subjected our temporary fence feet to all manner of testing including the
MIRA Wind Tunnel, site tests, street tests and drop testing.  We adhered to all HSE recommendations for lifting and carrying, the feet have been introduced where the blind, partially sighted, wheel chair users mothers with prams and young children come into contact with temporary fencing and no we didn’t forget the needs of our aged citizens.

Giving a free reign we let the real big guys and there are some real big guys throw them around just to see if they could break them! I am very pleased to report they couldn’t.

Their strength, durability, safety, along with satisfaction and security to sites across the UK but NO we didn’t stop there we made them from fully recyclable plastic and in turn they are fully recyclable ending landfill and waste.

So that when our temporary fence feet products are used you know you are using a product that can do the job needed to be done.  My beliefs are that as customers your needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs to you your site workers and the general public.

I have worked both in manufacturing and the designing of bespoke products for the last 20 years more recently I have concentrated in the innovative design research and development sector.

My products have been awarded The Best Safety Innovation for temporary fencing feet from the Energy Innovation Centre voted by the Industries Elite for safe use within the industries.

Safety Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive! Safety Is What You Make It!
 We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust!

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